Sunday, 16 September 2007

Caledon Seaways: The Passages North-South

This is an update of the Caledon seaways, focusing on the three routes from Firth of Caledon to SteamSkyCity, which is the gateway to the southern Duchies.

Eastern Route

E1. Caledon Mayfair 27,253,21 - Circumnavigating Mayfair on the northern and easter edges, the passage is blocked here, pretty much for all traffic, but for perhaps a narrow submergible.

E2. Caledon Mayfair 47,199,21 - A bridge is blocking here. However, it is scripted, though I don't know what the script does. The design of the bridge makes it suitable for Takos in Phantom mode, however.

E3. Caledon Mayfair 255,244,21 - The NE Mayfair corner is narrow but doable by smaller boats

E4. Caledon Mayfair 227,214,21 - A rather heavy bridge blocks this route. Again, however, with a Tako in Phantom mode, it should work

E5. Caledon Mayfair 255,137,21 - Docks here making it a narrow passage. I couldn't measure the exact width, since objects are not allowed to be created here. I would judge it to approx 3.5m, though

E6. Caledon Mayfair 252,45,21 - A house seems to be under construction. There is a low passage, wide enough, but free height is barely 3.5m

E7. Caledon Carntaigh 201,37,21 - The Carntaigh Railway/road bridges are still here, of course. But by taking the Carntaigh route, rather than the Mayfair, you only have to negotiate one bridge.

Caledon Primverness 230,233,22 - In the NE corner of Primverness, my mini-map went black, and I witnessed these rocks out in the sea. I can't remember seeing them before. A mirage? Too much grog yesterday?

E8. Caledon Primverness 2,6,21 - I am very curious to know if someone else is able to make it round the "Cap Desmond" in another kind of vessel (I have only done it in the Canal Runner). It is a very tight corner from Primverness, about half a square metre in VC into Loch Avie.

E9. Caledon Tamrannoch 255,4,14 - The Eastern route is by far the longest one, with several obstacles and a few "hidden" dangers, such as full parcels.

Central Route

C1. The Northern Highland passage, as described yesterday.

C2. Caledon Highlands 58,75,21 - Apart from the passage between the northern cliffs, there are two narrow parts in the Highlands. They are managable for smaller and probably medium sized vessels. The first is a narrow part..

C3. Caledon Highlands 33,34,21 - a bit of a tight turn, but manageable

C4. C5.Caledon 243,60,21 - The two drawbridges the Guvnah provided makes the Central Route otherwise very easy.

Western Route

W1. Port Caledon 4,32,21 - A new unexpected obstacle is a stonepillar under water and not visible. It sits just 5cm under water.

W2. Port Caledon 2,52,21 - The landtongue earlier reported on however is gone, which means that apart from the stonepillar, it's basically a free passage between North and South this way.


Abigail Raymaker said...

There is a full parcel on the SW corner of Caledon II, which means it's impossible to safely circumnavigate the southern coast.

Sin T. said...

I have to check it up. I managed to sail to Caledon Prime from point E9 in Tamrannoch (also a full parcel), but either I managed to miss it or it wasn't full at that time.
The full parcels tend to fluctuate, naturally.

I think in the next update, they will have their own colour coding, like violet.

Corgi said...

I have it on good authority that the island in the corner of Mayfair (ref: notes E1, E2) is up for sale. Perhaps you can speak to the eventual new owner about a little land-sculpting and a mechanised bridge.

Melanippe of Theiscyra

Corgi said...

Grr, that's 'TheMiscyra'. Sorry.

Abigail Raymaker said...

Acutally, the parcel I was referring to has been full for quite a while. If I'm not mistaken it is also marked as a no-fly zone on Sir Edward's map.

Maybe you were just lucky it wasn't full when you passed through. I couldn't even enter it this morning. I tried about three times before my boat was returned to me.