Saturday, 1 September 2007

Caledon Seaways Pt. II

Caledon Sound 134,126,21 - I see two possible obstacles on the map, maybe three. Two are in Kittiwickshire and one in Eyre. We'll see how it goes.

Cdn Kittiwickshire 189,256,21 - Obstacle one was no problem, number 2 however is sticking out into the void seas, and there is no way to navigate around it. I tried but made it halfway.

Caledon Regency 243,72,21 - The north coast of Caledon is very easy to travel, with a good coastal margin. The travel from here down to the Firth should not be too complicated

Caledon Middlesea 1,215,21 - And back out to the open sea. Now I just have to map the circumnavigation of Caledon, marking out the locations from this log.
The map will be posted here in a bit!

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