Sunday, 9 September 2007

Notes on the Steam Boat Races in Caledon the 11th and 12th

Port Caledon 177,208,625 - Some information about the upcoming steamboat races (Harvest Festival event)

The details are not set in stone yet, the skilled Ms. Soleil Snook is helping me drafting the simple rules. They are not to be that many! Considering the ingenuity of Caledon's citiezens, we need some clarifications, like this is a boat race. As in actually travelling, not just one foot in the water while using steam jet engines to travel aetherically or something. ;)

Own builds are not only allowed, but encouraged. Think 'Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines'. No speed limits, though in my own experience, the higher the speed (over 25), the more likely something will go wrong.

The race will start in Caledon Murdann and the rounding buoy is in Caledon Sound. Not only that, but some endurance is demanded, since it is a three lap course

If it works out well, it will become the Caledon Steam Cup, which will take place at regular intervals.
More information will appear here as soon as I have it!

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Anonymous said...

Re speed: for instance, sim crossings, we all know about them...
This race will include 24 of them.

Sin from his mobile, so not really anonymous.