Saturday, 1 September 2007

Caledon Seaways

Caledon Loch Avie 249,111,21 - I started out in Caledon Sounds, and travelled down to Carntaigh. I didn't expect to be able to pass the tight corner from Primverness to Loch Avie, but it was a success, albeit tight. The bridge in Carntaigh (195,35) is too low for any vessel to pass, so you have to drag your boat there.

Caledon Tamrannoch 255,1,14 - Now travelling along the southern edge of the Caledon continent. The turn around Loch Avie and Moors is absolutely not as tight as the passage from Primverness, but you need to keep a cool head and a firm control over your vessel here as well. Passing from the Moors into Loch Avie is simpler.

Caledon Tamrannoch 255,1,14 - Just had a hit with a full parcel though.. ouch. Be careful when passing Gestalt in Tamrannoch

Caledon SteamSkyCity 101,247,21 - Having a short pause, a pipe and a cuppa tea under Ms Malaprop's lighthouse and the SteamSkyCity before continuing north. Apart from the parcel mishap, so far, so good, touch wood.

Port Caledon 0,49,21 - Unfortunately a land tongue is sticking out all the way into the sea in Port Caledon. It is only about a metre but makes it impossible to pass

Caledon Sound 130,128,22
- Back in Caledon Sound where I started this voyage. Going through maps, and planning the second and final part of the travel around Caledon

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