Friday, 31 August 2007

Starting the Ships Records of the Imperial Navy of Caledon

I have started, only started, mind you, collecting information for the Records. Shortly, I will send out an inquiry for a census, so we will have more data.
The actual Records will most likely be a public document, available in Caledon or on request from the Admirality.

This is how the entries will look:

The Guvnah's Flagship, Mercantile
Captain: Admiral Guvnah Desmond Shang
Shipwright: Pituca FairChang
Ship Class: FairChang Galleon
Ship Type: Stationary
Combat System: None

Captain: Admiral Carricre Wind
Shipwright: Carricre Wind
Ship Class: Wind Dreadnaught
Ship Type: Stationary
Combat System: None (yet)

Captain: Commodore Oolon Sputnik
Shipwright: commissioned

Captain: Sin Trenton
Shipwright: Chase Speculaas
Ship Class: SPD Brigantine
Ship Type: Sailing
Combat System: SPD Brigantine

Turning a new leaf

There was some time since I last wrote in this log, I admit. Much water has passed under the keel.

So I think I need to start with a brief recaitulation of what has been happening. Which is a lot, but I try to stay brief.

Lately, I have spent much time in my workshop, experimenting and developing an airship, a submarine that I baptized Naughtilus II and a steamengined boat, currently selling under the name The Canal Smuggler. This was made for narrow rivers and shallow waterways, but works well also on the open sea.
I'll post more data on that one later, and hope to soon have a version 1.2 out on the market.

HGS Zaneta has remained mainly at port, apart from the last days, when we've been studying the winds of Caledon's new waters. Four regions of mainly open water regions added, making a large firth together with Lionsgate!
Which reminds me that I need to update the Caledon map. I'll wait until the forms of the new regions have settled a bit and Wellesian has arrived, however.

You can navigate from Eyre down the Stormhold River across the Firth and down the waterways of say Caledon Highlands and further south. The latter depends on the size and maneuverability of your vessel, of course.

I am proud to be able to say that I am not a full member of the Imperial Navy of Caledon, a naval officer with Lieutenant's rank. The privateering days are over, and HGS Zaneta is now truly a vessel in service of the Guvnah's Navy.
Apart from that, I also have the official position of being in charge of the Naval Records, keeping the lists of the Navy's ship, types, etc.
If you are the Captain of such a ship, please contact me inworld, so we can make sure all data are correct!

The unofficial (?) home of the Navy is the pub, The Salty Mermaid, located in Kittiwickshire, Northwest by north of the telehub, as you arrive. (Map)

Not wanting to leave the more unkempt maritime existences in Caledon, said pub has also an "Evil Twin" (TM) in the notorius Surridge Wharf, Port Caledon. Of course it is at your own risk that you enter the Poxed Mermayde, or Surridge Wharf, even. (Map)

More notes to come!