Wednesday, 30 January 2008

ITW: Maritime Flag system & Steampunk Communication

In The Works (ITW) -

Fly those colours!

The Imperial Navy of Caledon is hosting an aethernetical manual, Flags and Pennants of the Principal Maritime Micronations of the Metaverse, where national flags, Man-of-Wars, other flags are displayed for easy reference.
In addition to these, there is a suggested system for signal pennants, allowing vessels to show which combat system it is using, with emergency and condition pennants.

Please note that it is preliminary and still not all that official.

Apart from proper navies, you can also find flags or insignias of fleets, military or par-military organisations, and ay caramba, pirates! (The Imperial Navy of Caledon takes the right to enforce Rule Number Four in the Rules of Engagement for the Imperial Navy, the Rule of Piracy).

So this is also a call to our fellow mariners and sailors of the metaverse. If you have a maritime organisation, or a maritime arm of a military organisation, please feel free to send me a texture of it inworld. Please attach information about the organisation's name, location, etc.

Same goes for a future project in the manual. There are several veteran pirates out there, sporting (or flaunting) their own versions of Jolly Rogers, Jolly Rachels, etc. We are planning on a particular section for notorious pirates, so send us your feared flags, and we'll list them.
We may even add a special note for pardoned pirates, keeping the list and flags for "historical purposes".

Aetherical communication

Also in the works is a system of communication through electromagnetic radiation, later known as "radio waves".
The apparatus is being developed for the sister organisation of the Imperial Navy, Royal Caledon Air Force in co-operation with skilled aviation scripters. The system itself is basically finished, and currently a steampunk, tesla (or coal, you can always rely on coal) powered design to harness and host the powers is "in the works".
When finished, I will post more information here.

Personal Note

Yes, again, it's been some time since I last updated this log. Not for lack of anything happening, on the contrary. I just never seem to get the time to sit down and write here. When it comes to the more "ambitious" aspects of blogging, I am very good at procrastinating.
Less ambitious, more on the spur of the moment notes and entries can be found in my personal notebook, though I'm afraid they are most likely of less interest to the wider audience.