Saturday, 1 September 2007

Map over the Caledon Seaways voyage

  1. The bridge and rail in Carntaigh
  2. The narrow passage from Primverness into Loch Avie. Tight, but doable.
  3. A full parcel in Tamrannoch
  4. A small landtongue stretched out all the way into the void ocean
  5. A boat fulfilling much the same role as #4.

Next: The Canal Runner 1.2 (f.k.a. Canal Smuggler), the boat that made the passage.


Sin T. said...

This morning, I recieved a telegram informing that obstacle #5 has been moved and the passage is now sailable!

Eladrienne Laval said...

Thank you for this map. I should like to try this myself!

Sin T. said...

I have had some people comment on this, so I thought I post regular updates of it, with obstacles marked out.