Friday, 30 March 2007


Lat. 5 dgrs 37'30"S, Long. 22 dgrs 09'23"E

While on our way to Sanctum Sanctorum, a dispatch from Caledon reached the ship, through a mechanical pidgeon, powered with Turing coils or what they call it.

Caledon is preparing itself for the upcoming war with Neualtenburg!

We changed course and rounded the northern coast of the Northlands, before sailing down towards Neualtenburg.

We had a brief encounter with the "Spirit of Puca", a Neualtenburger ship, but though shots were fired, none of the ships were really damaged.

Currently we have anchored just outside the mouth of the river that leads to the enemy harbour. Captain Paris as well as the Ministry have been informed about our position, and we await orders.

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