Friday, 16 March 2007

Leaving Port Caledon

Port Caledon
Lat. 29 dgrs 17'30"N, Long. 121 dgrs 42'11"W

Supplies have been taken aboard, and the ship is ready to set sail. The port is not too far from Caledon, being Treasure Island, where a rendez-vous with HMS Endeavour is planned.

HMS Zaneta is a brigantine, carrying 8 large guns on deck and is an agile ship.

While looking simple, these looks can deceive, since the ship is sailable (not just rezzed on waters and then sitting there) and her guns are working! The SPD system means that these ships can not only sail, but damage each other and even sink.

HMS Zaneta is currently flying the colours of the Independent State of Caledon

(The latitude/longitude used is estimated according to the Ahern system)

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