Thursday, 22 March 2007


The NorthWest High Seas
Lat. 36 dgrs 35'18"N, Long. 61 dgrs 12'29"W

Right now, we are heading for Sanctum Sanctorum, but I calculated the position of Enseha, the friendly harbour where my good friends wait and where I feel at home. Much as I love travelling, exploring and being at sea, the company of good friends, the jolly banter are things every man needs, I think.

According to the Ahern navigation, the island is at Lat. 64 dgrs 01'00"S, Long. 86 dgrs 40'08"E.
This means we will travel down the west coast of the Maineland, head for the Azure Islands, before turning east. It will take us away from the straight course to Sanchon, but from what I have heard, the dear old Sanchon has deteriorated a tad lately.
Do you know the difference between a griefer, a newbie and a munchkin?
The griefer we all know. Aimed for mayhem, disruption and not really interested in interacting with others than peers, or even not that at times.
A newbie has one, important excuse. He or she is on a learning curve, even if possibly at the beginning. We all have had our boxes on our heads. We all have been newbies. But this is just a stage, before we develop and learn.

The munchkin, a popular term in classical roleplaying, is something else. Learning is aimed at not learning how to interact with the world, or other people, but how to "beat the system". Self-gain, empowering, bending the rules without breaking them, these are the goals of the munchkin. Social interaction is completely uninteresting, collaboration unheard of. They toss their half-witted prim-bloated projects around, and claim power in the absence of any moderator or landowner.
Sanchon always have had its shares of griefers and newbies. The altter, we happily have been helping, just like back home, in Caledon.

But now, it seems the munchkins have arrived to Sanchon. Oh, well. I will talk with old friends, visit my humble cottage and for the rest? There are always other places, where you meet interesting people.
After Sanchon, we will probably head southwest, for the legendary islands, like Rome, Samurai Edo and others. But there is still a long way to go before we reach those destinations.

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