Wednesday, 21 March 2007

The High Seas of NorthWest

Lat. 39 dgrs 25'04"N, Long. 74 dgrs 55'42"W

The compass. A Captain's best friend at sea.

The passage between Caledon and the Northlands, the northern mainland, is a switch between open sea with no land visible, and clusters of islands, threaded like pearls on a string.

To say these islands make a symphony of variations, must be the understatement of the century (and consider this century has just about only started). Gaudy, gloomy, commercial, tropical, fay, seclusive havens, every kind can be encountered.

I know some people that have lived here a long time sometimes lament the floods of immigrants, and the numerous islands blooming up. I am no newcomer to worlds like this, and have been part of the early adopters/explorers in more than one community, even if I have not been here for that long.
I don't lament that fact, because even if the fairy enchantment can be seen as fading by those not flexible enough to adapt, the world is getting more diverse. What one of the old ones cried has been turned into "tedious banality" is just the simple fact that you have to look to the person, the individuals, not the eloquent, flowing, poetical garb.
Funny how it may seem.. a person in a purple garb may be as unimaginative as a person in a t-shirt and jeans may be a poet.
Good old Oscar said "It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious." Or New or Old, Immersionist or Augmentor.

This world is a mirror of the other world. Because we are the same people in both worlds, no matter what guise we wear.

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