Saturday, 17 March 2007

A stronghold of pirates

Treasure Island
Lat. 41 dgrs 44'22"N, Long. 126 dgrs 49'22"W

This small island lies just north of Caledon. The inhabitants generally keep quiet on the whereabouts of its exact location, but thanks to a map that a captain better unnamed showed me one evening, I was able to memorize the approximate bearings.

The terrain is mountainous, with a prominent river dividing it in a northern and souther part.
Tall mountains, waterfalls and the river all make the land quite untouched and wildlife exists in abundance.

Apart from the steep mountains, the two most prominent features are the number of pirate ships anchored in the area..

These are scattered around the coast, as well as the ship of Captain Sunny herself anchored up the river.

And also the arena, where they settle their scores in a forthright manner.

The brief time we spent there, we didn't see anyone around the place. However, when heading back the to the ship, we could hear the clang of steel behind us, evidence that these buccaneers were at least practicing.

After a brief meeting with Captain Newt, comparing notes and orders, we rested, before setting sail again, to the east.

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