Monday, 7 May 2007

Back in Sanchon

Lat. 83 dgrs 11'52"S, Long. 48 dgrs 42'30"E

After a long sail from Caledon, rounding the north continent and the Mayneland, we have once more reached the small port of Sanchon, home of the independent sailors.
Here we will do some P&P R&R for a good while, meet old friends and acquaintances and practice gunning, before planning the rest of the voyage.

Cap'n working hard hardly working

It is also with a great honour that we welcome aboard our newest crew member, none less than Commander Tiny Newt of some notoriety, who will take the position as a well experienced Quartermaster. Welcome aboard the ┼Żaneta, Cutter!

Just before we arrived to Sanchon, another dispatch from Caledon reached us about a prominent citizen. The dispatch is top secret, which means that in true, delightful Caledonian traditions it is probably considered the hottest gossip on the town.

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