Saturday, 19 May 2007

About Ships inworld

Since we are harboured in Sanchon for some time, I thought I take the opportunity to reflect on some available ships.

I often meet newcomers and people maybe not so fresh off orientation island, but still new to the marine world of SL. Since I can't help studying about every ship I come across, I thought I write a wee bit about different ships. Mind you, these are my opinions and they may differ from yours, or even moreso, the shipwrights.

Ships - Sailing and non-moving
If you ever come across one of the gorgeous, majestic ships laying in the water, it is easy to get your imagination carried away, seeing yourself as the proud captain at the helm, the ship moving like a hind over the waves.

Unfortunately, there are limits to the physics of our world, and the atoms of our world (prims) put limitations on moving objects. So while a great, 45 metres long ship may look impressive, it is likely unable to move an inch.
Therefore, you have to divide our sailing ships into sailing and non-moving.

There are three basic principles when it comes to sailing ships. Two of them actually don't really sail per se, but are attached with the helmsman.

Ship's can be worn by the helmsman, as an attachment, usually on the pelvis, since this is a stable point. The ships travels pretty much by the same physics as when walking.

They can also have the helmsman sitting and driving, which is similar to other vehicles inworld, like motorboats. The ship may have sails, but are actually not using them, instead being powered in the same way as a motorboat.

The third version is based on the sailing mechanics originally devised by the legendary Kanker Greenacre (now that chap is a hero!). But because of the size of the ships, they also use something called 'wearable technology'. It makes the ship contain of two parts; the hull and some basic parts like masts. This one you sit on, just like other vehicles. The other part attaches to the helmsman, containing rigging, sails and all the rest.
Thanks to this, it is possible to sail though the ship has in total over 200 prims.

I have only seen three larger ships using this technique, two modern and one old. Well, to be fair, there are several models of one of the modern, but from the same shipwright, Jacqueline Trudeau.
Her largest yacht is a yawl, a magnificient sailing ship, which I have had the pleasure to try. More about this one later, though.
The other modern ship is the Kokakola Racing Sail by piera Tesio. I have not seen it sail, but I know it uses the same techniques.

Then there is the older one, The Brigantine, created by Chase Speculaas. Zaneta is one of these brigantines, though the newer version, based on La Mujer Viera. The difference lies only in colouring and textures, it is basically the same brigantine.
This is the largest of the older sailing ships available. That is if you mean sailing as in using the inworld winds for powering the ship and not being driven.

Of course I am probably quite subjective on this, but this is as piratey you can get inworld, when it comes to moving ships. The cannons are working and the SPD Brigantines can sink each other in battles, and if you sail to hard into the wind, she can actually capsize.

Some basic facts:

The Brigantine (& La Mujer Viera)
Shipwright: Chase Speculaas
Power: Sailing (Modified Kanker Greenacre's sailing mechanics)
Inworld display: Yes (Wind, angles, depth, etc)
Space (cabins, holds, etc): None, open deck only
Maximum crew: 4
Guns: 8
Prims: 27 basic + 247 for rigging and details (worn)
Permissions: Copy (Textures can be modified to taste, though)
Price: L$1399 (SLX)
The ship is displayed at the USSU Ship yard in Jinsil.
If you already have the Brigantine and would like to get the new version La Mujer Viera, this is available for 200 $L. Note that you must own the older one already.

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