Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Peace! (Love & Understatements)

Eastern South Sea
Lat. 77 dgrs 52'30"S, Long. 72 dgrs 2'21"E
Well, we received the news today, through a Turing-coiled pidgeon, that Caledon is no longer at war. Or to quote a (somewhat) reliable (semi-) official source:

The Independent State of Caledon is NOT engaged in hostilities with Neualtenburg, has NEVER engaged in hostilities with Neualtenburg, you cannot conceive of a time when such hostilities EXISTED, there will NEVER BE hostilities between the Independent State of Caledon and Neualtenburg and the Neualtenburgers are our friends and cherished allies.

So instead of heading northwest again for some ripe Neualtenburger merchant ships a non-existing enemy, the crew decided to continue south in search for booty improving diplomatic relations between Caledon and foreign nations in the Great Southern Lands.

Reminder to self: Send message to the Fellowship of the Coast, that the crew of Zaneta will no longer claim Privateer status, as the end of the war means that any Letters of Marque be revoked. Mr. Trenton will however retain his Caledon Captaincy alongside with his Lieutenant's degree of the pirates free sailors of Sanchon.

Avast! Break out the rum kegs, me hearties and smartly! I need a grog!! And set sail for Sanchon!
Lubbers, the lot of them.. There goes the booty..

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