Thursday, 18 October 2007

New arrival on the market: The Longship

This is a pressrelease from Chase Speculaas, builder of the SPD Brigantine:

The Longship is the much-awaited and newest addition to the SPD new-line of combat ships. Using wearable parts technology, which attaches and detatches and rezzes parts of the ship automatically, the Longship is able to sport 171+21 prims and still be able to function smoothly using realistic wind-driven sailing physics. Alternatively, you can switch to rowing mode and ignore the wind.

The cannons can be controlled by your crew, with an easy, intuitive interface. Alternatively, the cannons can be hidden or removed for an unarmed ship, perfect for transport (carrying 8 avatars). The ship can be used as a plain vehicle, for relaxing cross-grid cruises, or as part of the SPD pirate ship game; its cannons damage other new-line SPD ships (currently only the Brigantine, Mujer Vieja, and Longships, but I'll be developing several other compatible ships in the future), and you can sink them/be sunk/etc.

--Rowable or sailable, with animated oar movement
--Copiable and Modifiable
--Seats 8 avatars
--24 HP
--Can be damaged by cannonballs fired from other compatible ships
--Capsizes if it heels too much in strong crosswinds
--Repair Depot included
--ALL textures on the ship are modifiable
--Ship is driven by the wind, using Kanker Greenacre's sailboat script as the base (however, heavily modified)
--Cannons can be armed, or hidden belowdecks
--171 + 21 prims, using state-of-the art automated wearing technology
--Hull shows progressive damage (cannon ball holes, smoke, etc.)
--2 independently aimable chaser cannons, with longer range than the Brigantine's cannons
--Muzzle flash, smoke effects, etc.
--Includes the newest version of the Speculaas Melee system, for swordfighting
--Can be Scuttled
--Progressive damage effects; sails more slowly the more damaged it is

***Special thanks to Zhuan Tarski for building the body for this incredible ship!

The landmark in the release points to Chase's shop in ElvenGlen

Update: I couldn't find it in ElvenGlen, but it is also available in Sanchon 137,16,40.
Price L$ 1 100

Updated update: Wrong landmark, sorry about that. Correct is ElvenGlen (217, 49, 26). The SLurl link above should be update as well.

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