Friday, 6 July 2007

Map over the continents (mainlands)

Mayneland - The oldest parts of the world.
Mainland nowadays generally refer to all the continents.

Northlands - Basically integrated with the old Mayneland.

Great Southern Lands - The north island of this continent is where Sanchon can be found. It was expanded by the emergence of land in the southwestern part.

Lower and Upper Eastern Continents - are the two youngest ones, still (July 2007) fairly new, but they were settled quickly. Since a majority of the settlers here belong to the 'third wave', it is sometimes (rightly or wrongly) referred to as "Blingtardia" for it's vast number of quickly raised malls and entertainment palaces.

The Islands

There is no clear division of where some islands belong and the terms are only loosely used, generally.

Middle Isles - Azure Islands are probably the largest group of islands belonging to the Middle Islands.

Northislands - Have been expanding greatly during 2007 and continues to grow.

Western Isles - Some of the most legendary places belong to this group; The Independent State of Caledon, Samurai Islands, Rome, and others.

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emillyorr said...

Interesting. I'd only thought in terms of islands and mainland, you see, and thought I lived on the latter.

When in actuality I live on the very southern tip of the Great Southern Lands. Ah, it's nice to know.